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moving to rochester ny

Posted February 23, 2010

Moving To Rochester NY

Mumford & Sons 1
Moving to Rochester NY? You have lots of questions. I know we did when I moved my family here in 2009. There are many considerations. What Rochester neighborhood is the best to live in? How are the Rochester NY schools in different sections of the city? What about Rochester crime? These are all typical questions people have about their move to Rochester NY.

As you plan your move to Rochester NY, one of the most helpful things I did was engage people who already lived in Rochester in a local Rochester forum. I was so happy to find that many residents were friendly, helpful, and really excited about our relocation to upstate New York. Unlike some of my experiences in big city forums, the folks I talked to had honest and objective feedback.

Have Questions? Visit our Rochester Forum
Since moving to Rochester NY, I've stayed in touch with the people in the Rochester forum. They continue to provide me with interesting insight into the city, Rochester events, and debate about what are politicians are thinking of doing with the city. I was one of those people who thought that online relationships were a myth. Ironically, it was our move to Rochester NY, and the questions I had about moving here, that built my new online friendships.


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