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rochester craigslist

Posted May 06, 2009

Rochester Craigslist

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People use the Rochester Craigslist. In fact, nationwide, the Craigslist phenomenon has been fairly interesting to watch. Here you have this very unattractive looking website that sells stuff. However, it is not a corporation. It is a community oriented website where the owners only wanted to help people buy and sell stuff from each other. Over time it grew. Soon, there were discussion boards, help sections and meet-up groups. All sorts of positive things were happening through the Craigslist website.

But who was Craig? Well, he was a dude in San Francisco who got into this idea at the right time - early. I've seen a bunch of interviews with him and he is a bit eccentric, but charismatic nonetheless. And he offered a service to people at a time when the Internet really lacked this type of resource. And he offered it at the right price (free).

But who was Craig anyway?
As the popularity of the Rochester Craigslist grew, so did the attempts to market inappropriately on the website. There are now a series of anti-spam measures used to keep the Rochester craigslist website free from junk and unwanted solicitations. Some still get through. But even with the unwanted marketers, you can easily find items for sale or trade for a bargain. It is generally known as a place for deeply discounted used items.


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