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bausch & lomb

Posted July 26, 2013

Pending Bausch & Lomb Layoffs in Rochester

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WHEC's investigative reporters are taking an in depth look at the severity of the pending layoffs coming at Bausch & Lomb. Local experts predict that as many as 1000 people will be fired.

"Mark Peterson of GRE (head of Greater Rochester Enterprise which is planing a team to help those employees tossed out of their jobs) thinks this community can handle a thousand job losses over a long period of time. But he says the Rochester job placement system isn't equipped to deal with a thousand job losses in short period of time -- like a day or two. The pressure, he says, would force employees to move somewhere else. That's why his organization is putting a plan together right now to help."

A thousand families thrown into turmoil. A thousand incomes vanished. A thousand mortgages at risk. A thousand car or education or health care payments threatened. Seniority thrown out the window. Older executives at risk for never being rehired because their salaries are too high and their potential "term of service" too low. Younger people leaving he community...

Business organization prepares for possible large scale layoff at Bausch & Lomb


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