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Posted March 23, 2009


About RocVille

Rocville is a local resource devoted to improving the quality of life in the Rochester area by advocating for more walkable, vibrant neighborhoods. We are pedestrian advocates. We believe communities should be designed for people and the variety of transportation methods they use to live, work and play in the community. We encourage all citizens to be involved in their communities at some level -- even the smallest positive contribution will have a ripple effect on the community around you.

Core Values:

  • Walkability
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Proactive and involved communities
  • Mass transit & green alternatives
  • Smart urban planning / historic preservation
  • Vibrant locally owned businesses
  • Local food, art and music
  • Hometown pride

Advertising on Rocville:
Rocville currently has over 4,500 subscribers. Our target audience believes a strong city center is vital to the entire metro area and supports improving our local communities by designing them for people instead of just cars. We accept local advertisers only and offer space both on our website and in our weekly email subscriber blasts. Please contact to advertise on

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    David McNellis

    If you want a big dose of "hometown pride", consider reading my book titled "Reflections on Big Spring - A History of Pittsford, NY and The Genesee River Valley". More than half of its 300 pages deal specifically with Rochester's proud heritage and will cause any Rochester resident to stand tall and be proud of their hometown.

    PS- Renee where can I send you a copy?

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    Hi, David. I sent you the address. We look forward to reading it!

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    Karen Wilder

    There are many wonderful events that occur on a regularly in Rochester, NY. To help plant a seed in the Rochester community, I have written my second book entitled, "It's All About School." This book manual-in-one was written to encourage elementary and secondary grade level students to enjoy life, value education, and focus on future life goals. Some of the topics include bullying, conflict resolution, and many other topics youth may encounter on a daily basis. The book is in a soft cover format as well as an e-book on Amazon Kindle (Author Karen Ward-Wilder-It's All About School). Adam & Renee, please let me know where I can forward you a copy of the listed youth educational book.

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