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rochester coupons

Posted February 13, 2012

Rochester Coupons

We've been talking to our friends about coupons all weekend. Yes, Groupon fever has swept the nation. And even in Western New York, Rochester Groupon is a popular search phrase. Even though the idea is not new. It's made us wonder what is so special about Groupon approach. And even more important, why is everyone so excited.

When I searched for Rochester Coupon on the Internet, I saw mostly the same old thing. I saw these very old looking websites that claimed to offer spectacular deals for Rochester coupon shoppers. But when I went to the website, it was fairly disappointing. Lots of chains.

As we thought about what would make the best Rochester coupon site, we obviously thought about it through our local lenses. We are bit fans of local here at Rocville. Local food. Local business. Local home town pride. So when it comes to a Rochster coupons site, why should it be anything other than a local play. Isn't there a way to make this exciting - like Groupon - but where the profits stay in Rochester NY?

If you didn't know, when you use a Groupon-based Rochester coupon, you are giving about 50% of the money earned to Groupon. Say, for example, you pay $10 for $20 worth of merchandise. You are thinking that the deal is 50% off. Well, the Rochester merchant really only sees $5 of the $10 you paid. So for the store owner, the deal is more like 75% off. My should we do Rochester coupons that way? Why now let the retailer keep more. Or perhaps they would decide to make the coupon stronger? Keep the money local, that's what I say.

Written by: Adam
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