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Rochester Event on November 30, 2009

Rochester things to do

People in Rochester things to do are hard to come by. I find this ridiculous as there are so many things to do in our city it's amazing. Register is a great midsize city with plenty of entertainment opportunity. People talk a lot about the weather here but the reality is that there are things to do in all seasons.

The Rochester things to do list is so long that you can hardly get them all done in a weekend. We have lived there for a long time and are still activities we have planned to accomplish with our kids that we have not gotten done. So our favorite outings include a trip to the beach. Lake Ontario is a huge body of water and the beaches are wonderful. If you have not lived near the water than you probably don't appreciate the psychological impact of the open horizons sun and sand. You simply need to spend an afternoon with your kids sitting in the sand looking at the water and relaxing. It doesn't get much better than that. In big cities people drive for hours and hours just to get to a beach like we have just a few minutes away.

Also on the Rochester things to do list is a tour of the amazing architecture along East Avenue. We have the George Eastman House and many mansions up and down this amazing promenade. There is one particular day in the year when they are open to the public but otherwise you will enjoy them from the outside. There are several books you can purchase about the Rochester architecture and history of who lived in these amazing mansions. It's worth exploring.

Another great thing on the Rochester things to do chart is the high Falls region. The Rochester high Falls region is where all the mills were located when hydropower was the main source of energy for the city in 1800s. Many of the original mills are still there and have been converted to shops and restaurants. In addition to an awesome view of a fairly large waterfall, you can see the old buildings and visit the restaurants and shops along this cool old part of town. The ballpark is just a few blocks away why are there if you want to take in a baseball game.

As you see the roster things to do catalog is big I've given you just a few ideas but as you search around you also find our zoo, some other amazing museums, a planetarium, great parks, fantastic lilac festival, and much much more. Enjoy our small city in any season and get the most you can visiting Rochester.

Rochester things to do on 11/30/09


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